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The Dobříš Chateau Restaurant

Briefly about the Chateau Restaurant

The Dobříš Chateau RestaurantThe Chateau Restaurant opened in 1997. Only two years later, the restaurant premises were refurbished. The current capacity is 120 seats: 50 seats in the restaurant, 50 seats in the grand lounge and 20 seats in the small lounge. Furthermore, a cafe with 20 seats is available to our guests, and in the summer months, you can sit right at the chateau courtyard on our summer patio.

Meals in the Chateau Restaurant

We can offer specialties of the Czech and international cuisines, from cold and hot appetizers to main meals consisting of several courses.

Beverages in the Chateau Restaurant

A good meal should be accompanied by a good beverage. You can choose from a large selection of Czech (Znovín) and international wines. As for beer, we have Staropramen on tap, both pale and dark.

Briefly about the Dobříš Chateau

Briefly about the Dobříš ChateauIn the late 16th century, the first Renaissance style Dobříš Chateau was built, about which no records have been preserved. In 1630, it was bought, together with the entire dominion, by Bruno Mansfeld, the chief royal hunter. The current appearance of the chateau dates from 1745 - 1765, when it was rebuilt by Jindřich Pavel František Mannsfeld with the participation of a prominent French architect Jules Robert de Cotta and Italian interior designer, G. N. Servandoni. Together with the chateau, a French garden was also reconstructed and adjusted, which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Bohemia and is decorated by a number of sculptures by Ignác František Platzer.

In 1771, Marie Isabella Mansfeldová married František Gundakar Colloredo. This is how the Colloredo-Mannsfeld noble family arose, which owned Dobříš until World War II, namely to 1942, when the chateau was confiscated by Nazi German. In 1945, it was confiscated again by the Czechoslovak state and used for almost 50 years for the needs of the Czech Literary Fund as Writers’ Home.

Since 1998, the chateau has been a property of the Colloredo- Mannsfeld family again. In the years 1998 – 2007, the chateau underwent quite substantial reconstructions, such as a complex installation of gas piping and reconstruction of heat and water plumbing, building a new visitor centre with a shop, building new public bathroom facilities, restoration of facades including windows’ repair, complete reconstruction of the restaurant, stables’ reconstruction and restoration of the original wooden staircases and doors. At present, a general repair of roofing is being carried out, and the restoration of the fountain “Water Feeding of Helios’ Horses” is being finished.

Valuable interiors accessible to the public include the Rococo Hall, as well as the library, dining room and Gobelin Room. In lady and master guest rooms, visitors can appreciate the variety of valuable furnishing in the style of the 18th century Rococo and Classicism. The Mirror Hall (Zrcadlový sál) is the largest representative hall in the chateau, which is used for wedding ceremonies, classical music concerts, festive events, conferences, etc.


Open: all year

Exhibition: permanent exhibition, 11 rooms in the Rococo and Classicism styles

Accommodation: in 2006, a new four-star hotel was opened with 22 beds, including a wedding suite; the hotel also offers a gym and mountain bike rental service.

Additional services: premises rental, wedding ceremonies, accommodation, restaurant, gift shop, French park, children playground, exhibition of historical motorcycles – the Municipal Museum, ICM gallery.

Contact: +420 318 521 240, info@zamekdobris.cz, www.zamekdobris.cz

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